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Adult Dating - do's and dont's.
Casual sex by definition is...
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Casual sex dating do's and dont's...

Be honest with yourself! Ask yourself why you are engaging in casual sex relationships and are you positive that casual sex partners are all you are looking for? Are you really hoping that a more romantic relationship will develop from one of you casual partners? Are you being honest with the partners you are dating and do they know it is only a casual sexual relationship?
Make it clear from the beginning that it is a casual sex relationship only and that the relationship can be terminated by either partner without explanation. Either partner shouldn't take it personally when a casual relationship ends.
Remember casual sex relationships are about sexual pleasure so, as said previously, don't let emotions get into proceedings as it is only ever going to be a temporary relationship.
If you ever feel under fret or feel any lack of respect.. end the relationship immediately! Especially if your female do take sensible precautions when meeting dates, particularly for the first time, let someone know where your going and what time you expect to be back. If you have any reservations at all cancel the date or just don't go!
Don't expect to be wined and dined. Casual sex partners are about casual, no strings attached, sexual fun, as the definition states without any need to form an emotional attachment beforehand. So if you expecting to feel loved by a casual sex partner you are not likely to be satisfied by the experience.
If you tell your friends that you have been indulging in casual sex relationship's and that you have had various sex partners you should be prepared to be judged. Think carefully who you tell as your reputation could be harmed but do also listen if friends become concerned about your sexual exploits as it may make you re-evaluate your motivations for having casual partners.
Your self esteem, if you feel in anyway bad or have any regrets after having sex with a casual partner you should question whether participating in casual sex, with this person or any other is right for you. Sex should be pleasurable and healthy sex should not leave you with any bad feelings. Casual sex is about both partners having fun not just one.

Casual sex it's definition...

Casual sexual activity outside the context of a romantic relationship. Some use the term 'casual sex' to refer to any extramarital sex while others use it to refer to sex in a casual relationships. Teenagers commonly use the term 'casual sex' for any sexual activity other than penetrative sex as mutual masturbation and oral sex are not seen as real sex.
A casual sexual relationship, or casual sex dating, is a physical relationship between two people who have a sexual relationship without necessarily expecting the extra commitments of a more traditional romantic relationship. Casual sex dating also differs in that it does not necessarily carry any emotional feelings between sex partners.
The motivation for having casual sex partners or pure sexual relationships vary... From the need to fulfil sexual desires which may stem from sexual inaction from partners in other relationships or you may not feel any need to have a romantic relationship's at all so only need to satisfy your own natural sexual desires, although having just casual partners can sometimes provide some mutual support and affection as well as just sexual enjoyment and gratification.
Most people seeking casual sex partners to form casual dating relationships are looking at them only lasting a limited time, although many do go on to become longer term casual, part time sexual affairs. It is usual to sense that a casual relationship will only endure as long as both parties wish it to. Exclusivity in casual sex relationships, as in romantic ones, is not usually expected allowing either party to be free to pursue other casual sex partners and relationships if desired.
Good communication within a casual sex relationship between partners is essential. Many casual sex partners establish a set of rules with both participants in the relationship agreeing about what is expected from the other. Also, a concern can be, that one of the partners develop romantic feelings for the other causing unwanted complication, getting ground rules established between consenting partners at the beginning of casual sex relationships is essential.
Having a casual sex relationship is generally seen as less risky than 'one night stands' as gaining some prior knowledge of the partner beforehand, communication and arrangement will take place. One night stand, on the other hand, is casual sex with a random partner who you may or may not have any prior knowledge of at all and the relationship will seldom extends past that one sexual encounter which may or may not fulfilled your sexual desires at that time. While it may provide a sexual outlet at the time, having casual sex on one night stand often carries negative and regretful feelings afterwards, where as entering into a preconceived casual sex affair generally does not.
Casual sex is about both partners having fun not just one.
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